#GoodbyeDonnie Trends on Twitter on Trump's Last Day in White House After Farewell Video Release

Veteran actress Bette Midler and an anti-Trump organization MeidasTouch released a new video, smoking the outgoing president.

Bette Midler, the veteran actress who once called Donald Trump a "vampire", collaborated with American political action committee MeidasTouch and released a song -- "Goodbye Donnie" -- dedicated to the outgoing US President.

Midler had lashed out at Trump several times on Twitter. In December, when Trump was busy spreading false claims about the unproven election fraud on his social media accounts, she wrote on Twitter: "Sometimes I think Whats-his-name is a kind of vampire and someone needs to drive a stake through his heart, so we can #breatheagain."

Goodbye Donnie
Goodbye Donnie Song poster Twitter/ MeidasTouch

After some reports claimed that Trump would run for 2024 Presidential election, Midler, a longtime Trump critic wrote: "The #Trump campaign is asking its donors if Donald should run again in 2024, but they forgot to include the key phrase 'Well, you know, like if he's not in prison.'"

Even when a Twitter user called Trump a "genuinely good man", Midler immediately responded while calling the President "a con-man, a fraud" and added that he deserved a jail sentence.

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Now she has collaborated with MeidasTouch to release a farewell song for Trump. The parody lyrics were written by American actor Eric Kornfeld and produced by the political action committee which was formed in March 2020 with the sole purpose to stop Trump from being reelected.

"Goodbye Donnie"

#GoodByeDonnie is also trending on Twitter the night before the Biden-Harris inauguration on January 20. Many social media users who came across the hilarious audio-video song could not stop themselves from sharing it with the hashtag.

The parody video included clips and images collected from several media organizations such as CNN, Fox News, The Washington Post, ABC News, NBC News, and Newsmax. The creators of this 1-minute 10-second video used a viral clip from Comedy Central. The clip showed that an actor playing Vice President Mike Pence was trying to get the actor playing Trump to leave a playgroup with children while saying "I don't want to go!"

The executive producer of the video, MeidasTouch, wrote on its website that it is "a progressive, next-generation SuperPAC staffed solely by three siblings (and lifelong Democrats) with the primary goal of defeating Donald Trump in 2020."

"Since our inception in early April, we have amassed an energized and engaged Twitter army of hundreds of thousands of followers, garnered over one billion online impressions, and started running anti-Trump TV ads across the country," it added.

This week, Mary Trump, who is the niece of Trump, appeared on a podcast organized by MeidasTouch and said that all of the president's children "need to be shut out" of politics once they leave the White House.

However, the newly released audio-video song also included the claims about Trump's alleged tax fraud, which was first reported by The New York Times. The report revealed "chronic losses and years of tax avoidance", but Trump dismissed such claims while calling it "fake news".

"I admit I love @BetteMidler, her brilliant voice, her comedic timing. In this short film, she doesn't disappoint. She takes us on a poignant, yet brutally honest journey to the future, where a former Twitter account holder finds a new govt-funded place to call home. #GoodbyeDonnie," wrote a Twitter user.