Goodbye Ji Chang Wook: 10 reasons why any K-drama fan will miss him [PHOTO STORY]

Ji Chang Wook is off to serve his military duty leaving his fans heartbroken. He will surely be missed.

Of course, he is one of the most-wanted handsome hunks in the K-world - There is no doubt, he is one of the smartest men in the Korean filmdom. Be it the stellar performance in Healer, the subtle lawyer in Suspicious Partner or the arrogant lad in K2, he is always at his best.

Suspicious Partner
Ji Chang Wook from SBS' upcoming Drama Suspicious Partner SBS

His electrifying glaze - Once the PD Park Sun Ho praised the actor for his dedication and playing the role to perfection.

"Ji Chang Wook's gaze is incredible. I realised it even more with a close-up shot that we film with him. For now, only the staff members and I have been able to appreciate it through the camera lens but, once the drama starts airing, viewers will fall for his authentic acting and deep gaze," he was quoted saying to Soompi.

Ji Chang Wook
South Korean actor, Ji Chang Woo to play lead in tvN's upcoming drama, K2Facebook

His amazing action skills - First Healer, then Fabricated City, and finally K2! He perfectly sealed his place as an action hero. He is one of those rarest actors who can do his own action scenes with ease, and what more can we ask for.

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang WookPInInterest

He shares a perfect rapport with all of his female co-stars - There are plenty of reasons to fall for Wook. In fact, he has shared a great chemist with all the female costars—and sometimes, we believe that the couple is in love really. However, the love cupid is yeti strike the actor in real life and we hope he finds his lady love soon.

The K2
The K2Twitter

He delivers his one-liners perfectly - It made our heart flutter when Seo Jun Hoo (his character in Healer) said, "I still want to be there for her, don't tell me to run away. I don't know how to run away."

A great kisser - Well, that doesn't need any explanations!

His well-sculpted body - Remember, the bathroom fight scene from K2! Though Wook debuted with a chocolate boy image, his roles in Empress Ki, Healer and K2 gave him a perfect platform to explore his acting abilities. Ever since then, he has been learning different martial arts tactics for his role and focuses on his well-sculpted body.

Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang WookYouTube

Be it's formal or casual, he is always at his best - He is adorable, fun-loving, good-looking, macho and charming. And the rest are just add-ons!

His adorable singing capabilities and cute dance moves - We all know he is a good singer, but do you know he has a cute dancing ability. Check out below:

Finally, he is an amazing performer - He has an exceptional acting skill. His handwork and determination help him to get into the crux of his character with ease.

Suspicious Partner

We surely are going to miss this great actor and his adorable smile for the next two years!