Good Casting episode 4 recap; episode 5 spoilers and live stream details

Good Casting went off the air on Tuesday with a shocking death and viewers are eagerly waiting for episode 5 to know more about Baek Chan Mi and her friends.

Secret agent Baek Chan Mi seems to have lost a good friend and another NIS agent during her hunt for international criminal Michael Lee in Good Casting episode 4. More details about the shocking death of agent Dong Gwan Soon will be revealed in episode 5 that is scheduled to air on SBS next Monday, May 11, at 9.40pm KST.

The undercover agents were almost getting ready to celebrate their victory when things took an unexpected turn for them. It all started with a secret message that Hwang Mi Soon found in Tak Sang Gi's office. When Baek Chan Mi and her friend decoded the message, they realised that the next illegal transaction will take place inside a nightclub. So, they went to that place all dressed up.

In the meantime, Im Ye Sun was asked by her manager to met Kang Woo Won and to get a contract signed by him for the company. She went to his house in hopes of convincing him. Upon reaching there, the undercover agent handed over the contract to Jun's character and begged him to sign it. After going through the contract, he said he would sign the papers only if she could take responsibility of all the advertisement projects of Il Kwang Hi-tech.

Im Ye Eun and Kang Woo Won in danger

But he quickly changed his words after checking Im Ye Eun's phone and confirming that she never captured his nude photos, which left the agent with no option but to leave his house quietly. Since her boss Dong Gwon Soo had assigned another job for her, she had to stay back for a little more time. The secret agent had to hack all the security cameras installed outside the celebrity's house.

While hacking the security cameras, Kang Woo Won's puppy went near her and took away her baby girl's teether from her bag. As she was running after the dog, she saw a strange person breaking into the celebrity's house and she tried to alert him. But things didn't go well for both of them. Secretary Koo attacked them and took them to an old factory building under Tak Sang Gi's instruction.

Good Casting
Stills from Good Casting episode 4 SBS

Mission: Save Im Ye Eun

At the same time, Baek Chan Mi and Hwang Mi Soon were busy hacking the nightclub's security system to get a clear picture of the illegal business. When the agents were about to get out of the building after finishing their work, they got caught. They had to fight with the security persons at the nightclub and get inside the van quickly.

After getting inside the van, Baek Chan Mi asked Dong Gwan Soo about agent Bae Moo Hyeok and their next mission. Though he didn't give a clear answer on the whereabouts of Bae Moo Hyeok, he informed them that Im Ye Eun was in danger and they should help her as fast as possible.

Good Casting
Stills from Good Casting episode 4 SBS

A shocking death

Upon reaching there, Baek Chan Mi and Hwang Mi Soon slowly walked inside the factory while Dong Gwan Soo was checking for any danger on their way. As the NIS agents were walking inside the factory, Hwang Mi Soon's phone rang and it alerted Tak Sang Gi, who was also walking inside the factory to meet secretary Koo. He could have stepped back and must have alerted the secretary that something was off. She was prepared to flee from the place.

Immediately after Baek Chan Mi and Hwang Mi Soon found Im Ye Eun, they fought with all the people there and rescued the agent. That's when they heard a gunshot from upstairs. It was Secretary Koo who shot agent Dong Gwan Soon. It remains to be seen if he will make it alive in the next episode.

Good Casting
Stills from Good Casting episode 4 SBS

Good Casting episode 5 spoilers and live stream details

The promo for the next episode does not show a shot of Dong Gwan Soon. It just shows someone telling the agents to leave everything to the police department. The video also shows Baek Chan Mi continuing her hunt for Micheal Lee and going to Taipei with her colleagues in search of him. This time around Kang Woo Won will be joining them.

The comedy thriller will air its next episode on Monday, May 11, at 9.40pm KST and will be available to stream on the official website of SBS (only in Korea). People in other parts of the globe will have to watch the show on various streaming sites.