Good Casting episode 2 recap; episode 3 spoilers and live stream details

Baek Chan Mi will meet her first suspect in Good Casting episode 3 while Kang Woo Won decides to co-operate with Im Ye Sun and Hwang Mi Soon gets into trouble

Secret agent Baek Chan Mi will be a step closer to wanted criminal Lee Michael in Good Casting episode 3, which is scheduled to air on SBS next Monday, May 4, at 9.40 pm KST. The episode may also feature a team-up between Kang Woo Won and Im Ye Sun while Hwang Mi Soon goes through a hilarious situation.

The followers of this comedy thriller will also get to watch the first interaction between Baek Chan Mi and Yoon Seok Ho next week. Other characters who are likely to play important roles in the third episode are Dong Gwan Soo, Seo Kook Hwan, Bae Moo Hyeok, Myeong Gye Cheol and Tak Sang Gi.

A quick recap

Good Casting
Stills from Good Casting episode 2. SBS

The second episode of Good Casting began by featuring the first move of Baek Chan Mi and her teammates to find the whereabouts of wanted criminal Lee Michael. The secret agents joined Il Kwang Hitech to begin their undercover operations. While Baek Chan Mi joined the company as CEO Yoon Seok Ho's private secretary, Im Ye Sun joined the firm as a new trainee in the advertising department and Hwang Mi Soon became a contract employee.

On the first day of their work, the agents tried to earn the trust of their colleagues and they also made plans for the next day. The agent who suffered the most on her first day of work was Im Ye Sun. She did not just fail to impress her colleagues, but she also took up a near-impossible challenge of convincing actor Kang Woo Won to reduce his rate for a team-up with Il Kwang Hitech.

Meeting with a celebrity and babysitting by boss

Good Casting
Stills from SBS drama Good Casting SBS

In order to convince the actor, Im Ye Sun went inside his temporary room and then, she took tips from Hwang Mi Soon about convincing him. But things took an unexpected turn even before she met the actor and she drastically failed in her mission. Because of her, Dong Gwan Soo and Bae Moo Hyeok had to go through several challenges.

When Im Ye Sun was busy with work, her teammates Dong Gwan Soo and Bae Moo Hyeok were asked to take care of her baby girl. Their lack of experience in babysitting made things really hard for the child. Meanwhile, Baek Chan Mi successfully completed her task for the day of getting hold of the access card to get inside CEO Yoon Seok Ho's room.

On the second day of work, Baek Chan Mi got inside the CEO's office for her next move, she could not come out of it before the CEO's arrival. Meanwhile, Hwang Mi Soon got stuck inside the research lab while trying to install a hidden camera and Im Ye Sun tried to help her teammates.

What lies ahead for the secret agents in Good Casting episode 3?

In the third episode, Baek Chan Mi will have her first meeting with Yoon Seok Ho, during which he will try to verify her identity. Later on, they will go out together for an official meeting with Tak Sang Gi and the secret agent will quickly identify the blue scarf that Tak Sang Gi is wearing. Since Lee Michael was wearing the same scarf when she saw him, she will ask her teammates to collect all the details about Tak Sang Gi.

Meanwhile, Hwang Mi Soon will seek her teammates help to get out of the research lab and Im Ye Sun will get ready to collaborate with Kang Woo Won. The episode will also follow Dong Gwan Soo and Bae Moo Hyeok as they help their undercover agents and episode 3 will also reveal more details about wanted criminal Lee Michael.

People in Korea can watch the third episode of this drama on SBS next Monday at 9.40 pm KST. Episode 3 will also be available to stream online on the official website of the broadcasting channel. But Korean drama lovers from other parts of the world, including the non-Korean speaking population, will have to watch the mini-series on various streaming sites.