Gong Yoo hints Train to Busan sequel, says he might not be there in second edition of the zombie flick

The animated prequel to the movie Train to Busan was released on August 18.

The most expensive Korean movie till date, Train to Busan, hit the big screen on July 20. The zombie apocalypse thriller film, starring actor Gong Yoo, has been tagged as the highest box office hit this year withdrawing more than 10 million viewers to theatre in South Korea. The movie reportedly sold most of the tickets even before its opening in the multiplexes.

The star of the multi-hit blockbuster, Gong Yoo, is extremely exuberant over the feedback he is getting for the first Korean zombie flick. This is apparently the first movie in Yoo's 15-year acting career which hit the 10 million mark. Excited about the growing popularity of the film, the 37-year-old star told Sports Chosun: "Lately people just greet me with 'Congrats on 10 million.' It's put a bigger weight on my shoulders."

Meanwhile, Yoo, who is currently working on a Korean folklore inspired drama, also spilled few beans on the sequel of the movie. He said that he talked about his desire to appear in the second part, however, the director has stored in some different plans: "I talked about this with Director Yeon Sang Ho, and I said that I thought my character Seok Woo might be living somewhere as a zombie," then Yoo laughingly added: "But Director Yeon said that when Seok Woo fell off the train, he broke his neck and died."

He further stated: "But I suppose since Ma Dong Seok's character is living on as a zombie, they could do a sequel from his character's perspective."

While there is no surety for the second edition of Train to Busan, viewers can till then enjoy the animated version. Director Yeon Sang Ho reportedly released an animated prequel to the film, entitled Seoul Station, in August. The film stars Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung and Lee Joon in the lead roles

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