Gong Yoo has rejected this writer the most

Kim Eun-sook revealed this surprising information that Gong Yoo had actually rejected her many times before saying yes to 'Goblin.'

Gong Yoo
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Most know about the story behind how Lee Dong-wook won the part of 'Goblin' after impressing writer Kim Eun-sook. He reached out to her and made sure she thought of nobody else for the role. However, much less is known about Gong Yoo's casting story. He was a much more popular actor, having just had success with the zombie-flick 'Train to Busan.' Kim Eun-sook revealed this surprising information that Gong Yoo had actually rejected her many times before saying yes to 'Goblin.'

As noted by website Soompi, South Korean screenwriter Kim Eun-sook attended a talk show with 'Signal' writer Kim Eun-hee, on September 6. It is here that she shared the story of how she had been rejected by Gong Yoo the most number of times out of all the actors she had courted for her dramas.

While speaking with Kim Eun-hee on the subject of facing rejection from actors, Kim Eun-sook said, "I also get rejected so much, so when an actor eventually comes to me, I become crazy in love with that actor as the character. I sincerely only think of that actor, whether male or female. Once the drama is over, I hope for their continued success and for them to shoot lots of advertisements."

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There is nothing unusual in being rejected by an actor if there is scheduling conflicts or the actor does not wish to take the role. Kim Eun-sook revealed that she had tried working with Gong Yoo several times before but was only successful in securing him for tvN's 'Goblin,' also known as 'Guardian: The lonely and Great God.'

While Kim Eun-sook did not reveal any particular reasons why Gong Yoo had rejected her earlier offers. She was quite thankful to have been able to work with him on her highly successful supernatural romance drama. "Gong Yoo is the actor that has rejected me the most. However, after trying persistently over and over again, I came to work with him for 'Goblin.' Looking at scenes that were filmed, I felt so proud. He is that great of an actor," she said.

Though Gong Yoo's next project after 'Goblin' hasn't been announced yet, he was hailed as South Korea's leading man and won the "Best Drama Actor" prize at the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards for 'Goblin.' CNN's 'talk asia' also interviewed him and published a piece on him as well as a video interview with the actor where he talked about his career and popularity in Asia.

As for Kim Eun-sook, her upcoming drama 'Mr. Sunshine' will star Lee Byung-hun in the lead role.

This article was first published on September 6, 2017