Gong Seung Yeon and Jungyeon share amazing chemistry with Kim Min Suk

Inkigayo airs live every Sunday at 15:40 KST.

Gong Seung Yeon is feeling blessed for getting a chance to work with her sister, Jungyeon. The siblings shared the stage with actor Kim Min Suk for SBS's Inkigayo. The trio is reportedly doing an amazing job on hosting a music trend based program.

Seung Yeon, who rose to fame with We Got Married, recently opened about working with her sister. The 23-year-old stated that Jungyeon, who is also a member of girl group Twice, helps her out with music related stuff. She said: "First, I am very happy that I am able to work with Jungyeon. When would I be able to MC with her again? I thought it'll be a great opportunity, and out of all, I think our parents will love it. I am also relieved since Jungyeon works in the music field, and she is able to help me out."

On asked about their chemistry with actor Min Suk on the show, she revealed: "The three of us have our own group chat. We talk a lot about the show. Before our first broadcast, we talked about what we should do for our special performance and cheered each other on. And since me and Jungyeon are sisters, Kim Min Suk oppa said not to make him feel left out."

Meanwhile, show's producers are very happy with the MC trio. As per reports, the production department is planning for a special MCs performance every month. The staffer told Soompi: "We really want special performances that you can't see anywhere else, performances that the viewers want to see. We're preparing really hard."

Inkigayo airs live every Sunday at 15:40 KST.