Golden Tambourine: Jo Kwon ignores haters who called him drag queen

Jo Kwon performed his rendition of Crazy In Love on Golden Tambourine.

Jo Kwon
Jo Kwon transformed into Beyonce on Golden Tambourine Instagram/kwon_jo

South Korean singer/actor Jo Kwon has responded to harsh comments after dressing up as a woman on Mnet's music variety TV show. The leader of South Korean boy band 2AM dressed up as Beyonce and performed his rendition of Crazy In Love on Golden Tambourine.

The 27-year-old singer wore a silver mini-dress, and impressed the audience with stunning vocals and dance moves. Before the performance started, Kwon said: "I'm here to show you the epitome of a female performance. I've prepared a stage so great that people won't even be able to scream, you'll just stand here with your mouths open in awe."

Kwon later responded to the negative comments that called him drag queen. He wrote: "I'm not dressing up as a woman for no reason and I'm not a drag queen. I'm a live performer; it's who I am."

This isn't the first time Kwon has dressed up like a woman. In December 2016, he wore a blond wig and bright pink lipstick to make him look like a girl group member. On that day, Kwon performed SISTAR's Touch My Body with actor Shim Hyung Tak.

In Golden Tambourine, celebrities perform with their friends, and see who can pull off the most fun and energetic music performance. Unlike other singing competitions, this show focus on creative stage performances from the performers.

Watch Jo Kwon's performance here: