Gold Coast trips: Aus minister Sussan Ley resigns amid expenses scandal

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the Australian people are entitled to see they are spending the money wisely.

Australian Health Minister Ley resigns amid expenses scandal
Sussan Ley, Australia's Minister for Sport, speaks during a media conference in Sydney, Australia, July 25, 2016. Reuters

Australia's Health Minister Sussan Ley resigned on Friday amid an investigation into her travel expenses that proved to be an embarrassing start to the year for embattled Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"We should be as careful and as accountable with taxpayer's money as we possibly can be," Turnbull told reporters at a press conference in Sydney as he announced Ley's resignation. "The Australian people are entitled to see we are spending it wisely," he added.

There were reports that Ley, who is also the minister for aged care and sport, made expense claims for several visits to Australia's Gold Coast tourist strip, a holiday destination in Queensland state, where she and her partner own properties.

Amid the reports, the opposition Labor Party had called for Ley to stand down. Earlier this week, she stepped aside from ministerial duties but still she was pressurized to quit from her post.

The latest expenses scandal has proved a distraction for Turnbull's government that came into power after winning the 2016 elections with a razor thin majority.