Goblin cast
Cast of tvN drama 'Goblin.' facebook.com/Goblin.official

Goblin is just a few steps away from the finale, and the avid fans are eager to know what will happen to their favourite characters in the tvN drama. The show runners even delayed the episode 14 to build up the suspense a little more among the fans, before they come to know what eventually happens.

While the fans are eagerly waiting for the last few episodes of the fantasy drama, Yoon Da Yeong in an interview revealed that even she has no idea how the story of Goblin is going to end.

In the interview, Yoon Da Yeong said that the only person who knows what is going to happen next is the writer of the drama, Kim Eun Sook.

According to the reports, the script was completed recently, and the cast members are extremely busy shooting for the concluding episodes.

Moreover, the finale of the drama was kept highly secret and confidential, revealed Yoon Da Yeong.

Reportedly, even the actors got partial scripts and have no idea what will happen in the drama. They were only given the script of the parts they were in. So, it was not possible even for the actors to get a clear idea about the story or what eventually the finale of Goblin would be.

In fact, the actress revealed that she herself waits for each and every episode of her own drama just like the others as she doesn't know how the story will progress.

So, to know how Goblin will finally end, viewers will have to watch the episode 14 on January 20 and the remaining two episodes that will be aired consecutively on January 21.