Goblin star Yoo In Na and IU celebrate Valentine's Day together on a lovely date

The two wore matching couple rings and bracelets.

IU & Yoo In-na BFF
Best friends, IU & Yoo In-na spend Valentine's Day as dates, in a restaurant. instagram.com/dlwlrma

With tvN's 'Goblin' now having concluded its successful run, the lead actors of the drama are having a much needed relaxation before they jump aboard another film or television project. Valentine's Day is a special day to be spent with loved ones, family and close friends. For Yoo In Na who played the charming but ultimately tragic character of Sunny in the Gong Yoo drama, Valentine's Day meant quality time spent with best friend and singer Lee Ji-eun, better known as IU.

As reported by website Koreaboo, IU and Yoo In Na decided to spend this Valentine's Day together. The twosome uploaded cute photos of them on a date in a restaurant. IU and her singer boyfriend Jang Ki-ha broke up last month after three years of being together. Yoo In Na is also single since 2014, following her break-up with singer and actor Ji Hyun-woo.

Among the two pictures uploaded on IU's Instagram account, the first one shows Lee Ji-eun and Yoo In Na seated at a table in a restaurant waiting for their food to arrive. Both of them are looking up at a ceiling mirror. IU covered her face with a heart emoticon and we can also see another bigger but different heart emoticon placed beside Yoo In-na, in the picture.

The second picture is even cuter as we see that both of them have got matching Valentine's Day couple rings on. Yoo In Na can also be seen wearing a bracelet featuring the same shapes and designs as on their ring. Though IU's wrists are not visible in the photo, it is likely that she had also gotten the other bracelet pair on. She captioned the second photo with the words "IU In Na," a wordplay of both of their names.

Website Korea Portal points out that Yoo In Na had dressed as Santa Claus at last year's Christmas celebrations as she dropped by at her best friend IU's home to give her Christmas gifts. IU had shared the video on Instagram with the caption: "Yoo Santa sent this and really came to my place looking like that, thankfully she didn't run into anyone in the elevator."

Though Yoo In Na is nine years older than IU, they do not have any mental age gap between them. In 2014, speaking to enews, as quoted by Mwave, Yoo In Na said: "IU and I are very comfortable with each other now. We both have the assurance that we will be friends for the rest of our lives. It's really rare to meet a friend like that in the world of entertainment, so I feel lucky. I went through some tough times in the past and went through a slump. I wondered if I had chosen the right path as an actress, but earning a friend like IU at the time gave me comfort and that itself made it worth the fight."

Yoo In-na had also spoken of how she shares so much similarity with IU and said: "I tend to have a lot of abstract thoughts, and that goes the same with IU. I met her for the first time on a variety show called Heroes, and we sort of recognized each other as having same the same kind of soul. We started sharing things that girls don't normally talk about with each other and became true friends beyond the age gap. IU and I are truly soul mates."

This article was first published on February 15, 2017