Goblin: Staff members receive a unique memento as the drama concludes

One of the staff members posted the picture of the gift they received on Instagram.

Goblin episode 14
Kim Go-eun and Lee Dong-wook in episode 14 teaser of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

Gong Yoo's hit drama Goblin wrapped up with the series finale with two back-to-back episodes that aired on 21 January.

The popular fantasy series did not end on a tragic note. The much awaited reunion of Kim Shin and the reincarnated Eun-Tak was loved by the fans. Overall, the Goblin finale was almost perfect. Most importantly, Goblin is definitely one of the finest Korean dramas to be ever released in the recent years.

As the drama ended, the staff members of the drama received a unique gift as a memento. The staff members of tvN Goblin got a replica of one of the most iconic items of the drama.

One of the staff members Yoo Hyung Joo posted the picture of the gift they received on his Instagram account with the caption saying: "I got a death report with my name and age written on it after the last filming... I like it."

In the tvN drama, it meant if the Grim Reaper gets a death report with somebody's name on it, that person will die soon. The person is destined to meet him and head towards the afterlife.

In other news, the viewership shares of Goblin in Seoul reached the mark of 20 percent. According to Nielsen Korea as cited by Yibada, the episode 16 of Goblin achieved 18.68 percent of TV ratings across the South Korean nation and the viewership shares in Seoul was of 20.98 percent. Thus concluding that over 2.3 million households all over the nation tuned in to watch the finale of the fantasy drama's finale and almost 1.1 million households in Seoul watched the same.

Good news for the fans is, though, Goblin aired its final episode on January 21 there will be two more special episodes that will be aired on 3 and 4 February. It will include behind the scenes of the drama, and interviews of the cast.

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This article was first published on January 22, 2017