A scene from 'Goblin' season 1, episode 6. youtube.com/DramaFever

Popular tvN drama 'Goblin,' also known as 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,' is just on the verge of its finale which is three episodes away, and the regular viewers are wondering what fate has in store for the characters.

People are anxious to know whether Kim Shin and Eun Tak will have a happy ending or not. The final episode of the series will be aired on Jan. 21 and rumours of either of the two characters will die started swirling around.

Kim Shin, the Goblin has been waiting for more than 900 years for his bride, as only she can take out the sword that is lodged in his chest. And, once it is removed it will bring an end to the immortal state of Kim Shin. However, shortly after Kim Shin met Eun Tak, he fell so much in love with her that he started imagining an endless future with her.

The K-drama has won over the hearts of its viewers from the very beginning of the show and now that the finale is this close, fans claim that they are not ready to witness the death of any of their favourite character. Fans took to several social media platforms to indicate that they are worried over the possible death of either of the beloved characters Kim Shin or Eun Tak.

Speculations about the death came up after one of the two major characters grew stronger and hinted that Eun Tak may not be the bride of Kim Shin. This became evident after she lost her ability to see ghosts, and her birthmark disappeared. Previously, the Shamshin grandma told Eun Tak that 'she would cease to exist' if she is successful in removing the sword from the chest of the goblin, Kim Shin, Yibada reported.