Goblin cast
Cast of tvN drama 'Goblin.' facebook.com/Goblin.official

The tvN drama 'Goblin' which aired its final episode on January 21 came back again to unveil some of the behind-the-scenes clips. On February 3, in Goblin's special episode, fans saw Cho Woo Jin and Lee Dong Wook dancing to TWICE's "TT", and it was adorable.

Given the immense popularity of Goblin, tvN decided to air the special Goblin episodes. To "summon the goblins" Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook were invited as the hosts. It featured extra behind-the-scenes cuts but the most memorable moment in the special episode that was aired on February 3 was when Secretary Kim (played by Cho Woo Jin) was seen dancing to TWICE's "TT". Cho Woo Jin completely shocked the viewers with his amazing talent. Everyone was amazed with his perfect choreography and his appropriate facial expressions.

After his performance, he went back to his serious look and very formally stated: "You have just seen how extreme the job of Secretary Kim is" followed by a finger heart as well as winked towards the camera.

After seeing Secretary Kim's adorable dance moves, Yoo In Na kept smiling and Lee Dong Wook tried to copy the dance steps as well. He also praised Secretary Kim's performance and the way he went back to being formal after the performance. His charisma was loved and appreciated by all.

After, Secretary's Kim outstanding performance, Yoo In Na insisted Lee Dong Wook to show his dancing skills to the audience as well. Lee Dong Wook sportingly accepted it and following her request he showed off his dance skills and she was seen applauding and laughing at his performance.

In other news, Goblin cast planned for a trip to Thailand to celebrate the show's success but according to recent reports, the lead stars of the drama are not going for the trip because of their work commitments.