Goblin cast
Cast of tvN drama 'Goblin.' facebook.com/Goblin.official

The final special episode of 'Goblin' also comes to an end after revealing some behind-the-scene clips on February 4. Of all that was revealed, it became evident that Sungjae was one of the most loved members in the entire cast, as in one clip it showed how Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook fought to win over his heart.

On the last special episode, the trio were seen shooting a scene where Sungjae was supposed to freeze until Gong Yoo unfreezes him. At that time, Gong Yoo starts ad-libbing during the scene and Sungjae follows him and plays along. Sungjae who reacted perfectly to his ad-lib made Gong Yoo react saying: "As expected, [you have a] different feeling than Super Junior".

In the clip, Lee Dong Wook was seen trying to win over Sungjae's heart by saying that he knows the names of all the BtoB members. He says: "I even know all of the members. There's Changsub... uh... Minhyuk... I know them! And also Eunkwang..."

While Lee Dong Wook tries to recollect the names of the other members, Gong Yoo quickly take the opportunity to win over Sungjae and says: "Out of all the idols, I only know Sungjae. Only Yook Sungjae."

To which Lee Dong Wook quickly calls him out saying: "But didn't you film with Suzy for the drama Big?" This made the 'Goblin' lead change his stance saying: "For female idols it's Suzy, male idols it's Sungjae. I only know those two."

In other news, the cast and crew of 'Goblin' planned for a trip to Thailand in order to celebrate the successful run of the show but according to recent reports, the lead stars of the drama are not going for the trip because of their work commitments. However, there are rumours stating that the news is not true and it is only being spread to make the trip a little private.