Gong Yoo Goblin
Gong Yoo in episode 1 of tvN's 'Goblin.' facebook.com/Goblin.official

The tvN fantasy drama Goblin ended up with a new record. With its outstanding finale, it bagged the highest viewer ratings among the dramas that are shown on the cable channels.

Goblin broke the record of Reply 1988, which previously held the highest cable drama viewership record.

The finale episode of the drama achieved an average viewer rating of 20.5% and a peak of 22.1%. The previous record was held by Reply 1988's episode 20 which had an average viewer rating of 19.6% and a peak of 21.6, according to a report in Koreaboo.

Cable dramas, in general receive a lower viewership ratings as compared to public channels like SBS, KBS or MBC. It is mainly because the cable channels are not so widely available to the public. In the case of a cable drama, a viewer ratings of 4-5% is considered a success. However, for the public channels these kinds of ratings would be considered as very poor.

There were only a few cable dramas which had the capacity to compete with the public channel dramas and Goblin undoubtedly was one of those few. In fact, it gave a tough competition to SBS's Legend of the Blue Sea.

With the way Goblin performed, it certainly raised the bar for the cable dramas. Most importantly, Goblin is definitely one of the finest Korean dramas to be ever released in the recent years.

That being said, thoigh Goblin has officially ended, fans are still looking forward to the special episodes that are to be aired on 3 and 4 February, which includes behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with the cast, and NG cuts.