Gong Yoo Goblin
Actor Gong Yoo in episode 12 of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

The tvN drama Goblin ended about a month back, but its popularity is still affecting the music charts and also the career of the lead actor of the drama.

The fantasy drama became one of the most successful dramas of the recent times which received ratings as high as 22.1%. The captivating story line and the sad ending are still lingering in fans' minds and hearts. And, it is evident as Ailee's "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow" is still among the top three in various music charts despite the releases of new albums and singles.

The success of the drama, made the stars of the drama reach another level of popularity specially the lead actor of the drama, Gong Yoo who has been invited by more than 10 countries to meet the fans there. Recently, SBS aired Gong Yoo's film The Suspect and the viewership ratings reached up to 5.2%, and it became the second most viewed video during the time it was aired.

At the 22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards, Gong Yoo received the Top Excellence Award for the lead role he played in The Suspect.

After the successful 16-episode run of Goblin, DVD's of Gong Yoo's films like Train to Busan and A Man and a Woman were all sold out. Reportedly, some fans are on the waiting list for their DVD order of the A Man and a Woman.

Given the popularity of the drama, recently Korea's fast-food franchise Lotteria made a parody of the fantasy series.

Reportedly, Red Velvet also expressed that they have crush on Gong Yoo after they watched him in Goblin. In fact, they even sent him an audio message confessing their love for him.

The drama was not only loved by the domestic viewers but also was loved by the international viewers which also led to fake merchandise shops selling Goblin counterfeit photos, postcards, and many other items.