Goblin: Lee Dong Woo reveals why his red lips became a social media trend

The actor himself went to an oriental doctor to know why it was so

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook
The two actors share an amazing onscreen chemistry. Pinterest

In Gobin, Actor Lee Dong Wook's unusually red lips were noticed by all. Fans have been wondering as to how Actor Lee Dong Wook's lips are always cherry red.

Some even thought that the lips of the actor were made red and he wore lip tint. According to Koreaboo reports, when Lee Dong Wook's name is typed on the Naver search engine, "Lee Dongwook's lips" is one of the most searched results. Recently, Lee Dong Wook revealed the reason behind it. And, no, he was not wearing any lip tint.

Last year when the actor was filming for his drama Bubble Gum, his red lips were a hot topic and everyone wanted to know the reason behind it.

All the speculations are at rest after Lee Dong Wook revealed that his red lips are natural. In a live vlog with the cast of "Bubble Gum" when a fan asked why Lee Dong Wook's look "red" all the time and does he wear any lip tint and he simply rubbed his lips with the back of his hand and showed that he wasn't.

In fact, Jung Ryeo Won, his co-star also had a similar question and he claimed it's his natural lip color. Lee Dong Wook further explained that he had bright red lips right from his childhood. The actor himself went to an oriental doctor to know why it was so and the doctor explained that the color was due to a lot of heat he has in the body.

Lee Dong Wook's lips have always been a trending topic, and therefore a scene was incorporated in Bubble Gum and joked about it. In the scene, Ryeo won's character asked the character of Dong wook, "Do you really wear...tints on your lip?"

In the scene, Lee Dong Wook rub his lips with his hand after hearing the question and says, "They're always like that."

This article was first published on December 28, 2016