Goblin: Fans worried if Kim Shin or Eun Tak will die in the finale

There are speculations that Kim Shin or Eun Tak will likely die in the climax sequences.

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Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun.
Actors Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun on the set of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God skipped its 14th episode to telecast a few back-to-back special episodes that provided detailed insights of the lead characters.

The story will resume only on 20 January, and meanwhile three special episodes will be released to add more detailing to the characters and the relationship between Kim Shin and Eun Tak.

The Saturday's episode focused on the characters' relationship with each other and the complex situations they face. In a press note, tvN revealed that they want fans to have a better understanding of the stories as it is likely to get intertwined more.

"In order for viewers to be as comfortable as possible, we have decided to air a special episode on Jan. 14 which will provide insight into the characters' intertwined fates, as well as the direction of the remaining episodes," Yibada quoted the statement.

"Because this drama is a genre that is different from anything we have ever done before, we were very pressed for time with all the high-difficulty filming, CGI and post production. In order to deliver the highest quality product to viewers, we will do our best for the remaining episodes," Soompi quoted a production representative from the Goblin team.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that either Kim Shin or Eun Tak will die in the climax sequences. This news has not gone well with fans, who are urging the writers to come up with a happy ending. With the drama getting intense episode-by-episode, we hope that the makers will not give a heartbreak by killing any of the characters.

Also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, the series narrates the story of a Joseon warrior Kim Shin and his curse for an eternal life. To break the 900-year old quest, he needs the help of a human bride, Ji Eun Tak. However, in the recent episodes, we saw Eun Tak losing her ability to see the ghosts which have raised speculations that she has lost 'Goblin's bride' tag. The supernatural bromance perfectly timed romance and the mysterious past are definitely making the fans frenzy.

Goblin airs every Friday and Saturday on tvN.

This article was first published on January 16, 2017