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As the popular tvN drama, 'Goblin' finally ends, fans may be a little upset that their favourite show is over but possibly this is not it. The showrunners have decided to treat their fans with a few more episodes of fun from the sets of the fantasy drama.

Right from the premiere, the drama is soaring high in terms of ratings and popularity but most importantly, the showrunners maintained it till the end. In fact, they took extra care so that no one knows about the ending of the story a secret. For that, even the actors were provided with only partial scripts giving them only the part they are supposed to act. They also took exceptional care to protect it from any leaks. Only the script writer knew what is going to happen.

Now, that it is over, reports from Soompi suggest that there will be special episodes of 'Goblin' that will be aired. These episodes will contain behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers and interviews from the cast. Though, as of now, the time slot of these episodes are not yet confirmed as a new K-drama 'Tomorrow With You' will be aired in the Goblin's time slot. It will be airing on February 3 and 4.

The showrunners made sure that the fans don't miss the show much when they are not around. So they are also releasing Goblin OST album with all the soundtracks of the show, it also includes a narration by Gong Yoo, a lyric book and photo book. Reportedly the intro song is also added to the album that is the song Round and Round, the soundtrack which was heard in the background during important scenes. The song was performed by Heize and it featured Han Soo Ji.

Meanwhile, the cast is to celebrate their success on 22 January with a barbeque party. And, soon the cast will be heading to Phuket, Thailand on a much-needed vacation after months of hard work put into the filming of the series.