Lee Dong-wook
Actor Lee Dong-wook thanks his fans for their support of 'Goblin.' youtube.com/KINGKONG Entertainment

After the successful run of the tvN fantasy drama "Goblin," actor Lee Dong Wook decided to meet his fans to thank them for their support for the show. He is the first cast member of 'Goblin' who will be meeting the fans after the end of the show.

Lee Dong Wook's agency recently revealed the details of the upcoming fan meeting tour, mentioning that he will travel to several Asian countries and he will first meet his fans in Seoul in mid-March and then start his multi-Asian country tour, according to Korea Herald.

The fan meet in Seoul dubbed as "4 My Dear" will feature the actor in a more casual setting. It is scheduled for March 12, and the meet will be held at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

After the series, the actor was busy with several photo shoots and filming of new commercials. With the popularity of "Goblin," Lee Dong Wook has become one of the most demanded faces for the commercials

Lee's acting performance in two roles in the recently ended tvN drama -- as Goryeo king Wang Yeo, and as the Grim Reaper -- impressed the fans.

However, Lee had to try really hard to convince the writer of the drama Kim Eun Sook to consider him for the role because Kim felt that the actor is not appropriate for the grim reaper's role. Reportedly, Lee even followed Kim so as to convince her to cast him for the role of the grim reaper.

Well, the actor not only convinced the writer but also made the viewers fall in love with his character and the way he played the role. The actor also had an amazing on-screen bromance with Gong Yoo. They wish to work together again in future.

"Goblin" ended its 16-episode run on Jan. 21, however, two special episodes were released on Feb. 3 and Feb. 4 for the fans.