Gong Yoo
Actor Gong Yoo in 'Goblin.' youtube.com/tvN DRAMA

The recently ended popular tvN series, Goblin's lead actor, Gong Yoo, is likely to take a long break from mid-March. The actor has been working day and night for the popular fantasy show and even took up commercials soon after completing the drama. Thus this will be a much needed break for Yoo.

During the filming of Goblin, news about Gong Yoo's ill health was being reported and the cast had to film new episodes while the series was airing. However, the reports of Gong Yoo's health problems due to the packed schedule were later claimed to be false.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Gong Yoo has been incredibly busy filming for the drama and then shooting commercials in Sydney, Australia immediately after the show ended. Reportedly, Gong Yoo did not get a single day to relax and recharge since then.

On February 17, Gong Yoo's agency, Soop Entertainment revealed that the actor would be enjoying a long break starting from mid-March and does not really have any schedules planned for now. He will be deciding what to do next only after his holidays.

"Currently, Gong Yoo is extremely busy filming for commercials. We think he will be taking a break away from schedules from mid-March and onwards. He will be evaluating all scenarios regarding his next work during that time. His next work is most likely going to be a movie rather than a drama," said an insider from Soop Entertainment, according to Koreaboo,

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo is being invited from more than 10 countries to meet the fans. However, there are no confirmations whether the actor is intending to visit them anytime soon or not.