"Go Waterless promises to clean your vehicle without a single drop of water", says Founder, Mr. Nitin Sharma

Nitin Sharma

India has more than 230 million cars. One car wash typically consumes around 150-200 liters of water in a single wash at the garage. If you multiply the numbers, approximately 2 trillion liters of water is wasted per year on a car wash in India.

With a mission to save water, Mr. Nitin Sharma initiated Go Waterless, an eco-friendly and 100% vehicle wash company at your doorstep.

All these began when Nitin himself faced a water crisis several times before when they used to wash vehicles with the help of water. He says, "I was following the legacy of our family business and never thought about any alternative because that's how it worked. But there used to be no water to clean the cars after repair. We managed it for a year, but again when the water crisis happened in 2017 we realized that this was an alarming situation for us, we needed to have an alternative to clean our customer's car. I took this very seriously and immediately started looking for an alternate solution to clean the car and came to know that there are dry wash products in the market but there were a lot of complaints of them being chemical products & damaging the paint. And that's how after a lot of surveys, research and examinations for 2 years, we came up with the best solution in the market which promotes our goal of being an environment-friendly business."

Technology is growing to the next level. Due to which after a few decades, maybe, cleaning and washing your vehicles won't be a part of the service industry. Day by day, vehicles are becoming low maintenance - but cleaning is something which can't be compromised.

For many industries, pandemics came like a boon. Lifestyle has drastically changed and the younger generation is demanding things at their doorstep, be it ordering food, clothes or even medicines. The work from home culture has penetrated the mindset of all age groups and everyone wants solutions at the touch of a button. Go Waterless is following the trend and every industry has to switch according to the necessity of the current scenario to survive in the race of business.

There are two verticals that Go Waterless provides, like Car Cleaning and Car Detailing respectively. Both of these services are provided at the customer's doorstep, which is the USP of this brand. Technology plays an important role here and customers can avail services through their Android & IOS apps.

Currently, Go Waterless has 84 franchisees as of November 2021. One can become a part of this brand by taking franchise and also associating with the cause of saving water. The best part is - an individual doesn't require any commercial space or infrastructure to initiate the business as it is 100℅ doorstep service.

With an aggressive expansion plan in the domestic as well as international market, team Go Waterless is helping to save freshwater for the future generations.