Go Kyung-pyo

South Korean actor Go Kyung-pyo recently revealed his willingness to go on hit SBS variety show Running Man. The actor talked about the popular show Running Man in an interview with OSEN.

"So far, I've been on 'Happy Together', 'Strong Heart', 'Infinity Challenge', and more, but I've never been on 'Running Man'. On 'Running Man', you just complete the given mission, run, and participate, but I've never been contacted. In fact, Jo Jung Suk hyung recently went on 'Running Man', so I was jealous," said actor Go Kyung-pyo, according to AllKpop.

He also expressed his desire to be on the show with Joo Won, Min Jin Woong and Shin Joo Hwan. "I think it'll be good to go on with them since I have personal relations with them. Also, I know Yoo Jae Suk hyung and I go to the same fitness centre with Kim Jong Kook hyung, so I really want to go on 'Running Man'," he explained.

In the interview, he also talked about variety shows and said how he is not fit to go to anyone of them. "It'll be good to go on [variety shows], but I have no talent," said the actor.

"I think variety shows and 'SNL Korea' have a different personality. When I was on [SNL Korea], it was like a performance. You have to plan it out and practice, so it was thought of more like a performance than a variety show," he added.

He also said that he thinks people who actually do variety shows "are amazing" as he himself is awkward and inexperienced and is sure that he won't be even half as fun as them on variety shows.

Recently, girl band Twice will be appearing on Running Man's 328th episode, to be aired on 4 December. It was also revealed that EXO's D.O and Jo Jung Suk will also be appearing on an upcoming episode of "Running Man".