Go 'Beyond Marketing' With Scott Theaman

Scott Theaman

Are you looking to grow your private medical practice? Are you seeking high-level marketing strategy, new patient generation, and complete clarity and optics for managing the patient enrollment process? If you are looking to grow your TMS, Ketamine, and mental health practice, the search is over. Scott Theaman and his team can help you achieve this goal by taking your mental health practice to the next level with done-for-you marketing, business development training, and unparalleled lead management software.

Who is Scott Theaman?

Scott Theaman is the founder and CEO of Beyond Marketing. He is an ambitious, South Florida-based entrepreneur who is disrupting the consulting and marketing industry for mental health companies. Beyond Marketing helps practices to establish their business systems and implements winning marketing campaigns for mental health, TMS therapy, and ketamine companies.

Scott's team stands apart from the competition by adding a training and consulting component to their program. Beyond Marketing's flagship program not only takes the marketing off the clinic owner's plate, but it also teaches and educates mental health practices about the Patient Journey. The Patient Journey is the process by which the staff interacts with a prospect from the moment they fill out an online form until they are a happy patient, completing treatment. In this process, clinics acquire the skill sets required to grow, develop, and scale all while Beyond Marketing implements the systems to grow the top of the funnel (the new patient inquiries).

Beyond Marketing has been featured in Psychology Today, with Grant Cardone and is a top sponsor of The Clinical TMS Society. They also have a thriving online community of over 500 Mental Health practitioners. This community has the same aspiration, to improve access to care, which helps them work towards a common goal.

What You Need To Know About TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that regulate mood. It is covered by most insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid in some states. Patients can return to work as normal after TMS Therapy sessions with no downtime. TMS Therapy is giving patients with treatment-resistant depression a newfound hope.

"Many providers we speak with have never grown a business with a new treatment modality like TMS before," Scott says. "It's not uncommon that we know more about their business than they do. This gives us the edge to help them see around corners and navigate the most common challenges."

Beyond Marketing has had the privilege of seeing under the hood of over 100+ TMS and ketamine companies. With each new client that they work with, they're gaining more insight into best practices that they're able to bring back to their client base.

Going Beyond

Beyond Marketing is set to disrupt the market. Despite serving about 70 accounts at the moment, Scott's goal as the CEO is to double the company. This year alone, they've established several strategic partnerships to help their TMS and ketamine clinics succeed. If you need help with staffing, billing, insurance credentialing, clinic setup, and more, Beyond Marketing has a professional network of trusted businesses that can offer this level of expertise.

Wrapping Up

Scott is helping his clinics and team alike find success. He ensures his business runs efficiently, his people are confident, and his clients get the best results.

Are you a startup looking to be successful? According to Scott, nothing can stop you. When asked about success, he had this to say, "My best piece of advice for somebody who is looking to be successful in their life would be to always believe in yourself. Don't listen to the naysayers or the haters. At the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself. You must take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life. If something goes wrong in your company, it's your responsibility. It might be an indication that there wasn't a clear decision-making process, but ultimately if you take on the perspective of 'how could I have made that better then you will have a winning mindset that will be sure to lead you to success. Each iteration of your product and service will be better than the last."

With each challenge you overcome, you'll also have an enhanced roadmap on how to navigate similar situations in the future. In other words, learn from your mistakes, and don't make the same mistake twice," says Scott Theaman.