Go Against the Grain - Ballerina Brittany O'Connor's Message to the World Sharing Her Own Example

 Brittany O'Connor

You're never gonna make it. You're not good enough. It's impossible. It's not probable—too many obstacles. You can't be a pro. Don't waste your time anymore. These are lyrics from a popular song, yet we all have heard something similar coming from our peers at some point in life. When individuals dare to defy society's expectations and pursue their dreams, they often encounter a barrage of biased opinions and negative stereotypes that seek to derail their efforts.

Many give up, while some die trying. Although, a select few have a spark that defies all odds and are determined to "go against the grain." Brittany O'Connor is one such personality who went against society's preset notions to fulfill her dreams. Experiencing a life full of struggles and accomplishments, she now wants to share her message with the world, hoping to ignite the spark within everyone.

Brittany O'Connor

As a motivational speaker, mentor, dancer, and philanthropist, Brittany has shattered every notion of impossibility that society has imposed on her life. Dancing was her dream, and it did not spontaneously spring up in her mind; it was a result of her experiences and a desire to be who she wanted when she was young.

As a child, Brittany showed exceptional intelligence and aptitude. Her parents wanted her to choose a science field, specifically medicine. However, her heart was in arts, dancing, to be exact. She was told that art was a "lesser" career, with no money and a very slim chance of success. But nothing fazed Brittany from chasing after her dream. She took the challenge to prove everyone wrong.

Jazz and tap was the first flavor of dancing arts that Brittany experienced. She realized that dancing was her future when she witnessed a performance in Tampa that inspired her beyond measure. Standing outside the stage, Brittany asked for advice, and everyone pointed towards ballet. Thus at age 14, she enrolled at a ballet school.

It is essential to be aware of your reality. Overconfidence or misjudging your abilities is a blunder you never want to make. Brittany evaluated herself and knew she was two steps behind other dancers who started as early as 6. She knew she had to put in extra work and was determined to do so, but society's pressure kept pulling her down. It constantly reminded her that she started too late, was behind everyone, and would not get a job.

Turning all the odds and negative remarks into fuel, Brittany throttled against the grain of society. She proved everyone wrong and accomplished exemplary success as an artist. She received a contract from SemperOper, became the principal dancer and choreographer for the Andrea Bocelli World Tour, and served as a Master Judge and Coach for the Youth America Grand Prix.

Her life inspires all of us at the receiving end of society's demeaning remarks against our passions. Her message is to fight for your dreams, remain resolute, and never fear the struggle in this journey. To delve deeper into Brittany's inspiring story and learn more about her experiences, follow her on Instagram.