Gloria Kloter, an exceptional architect, and owner at Glow Architects whose work speaks volumes

Partnering with Glow Architects is extremely enlightening for their clients as their designs are extraordinarily distinct and purposeful.

Gloria Kloter

Gloria stands amongst one of the best architects and interior designers. Let's take a sneak peek at her career which has grown with time, given her exceptional talent and made her a breed apart from her contemporaries.

Gloria's educational qualification in Masters in Architecture of Interiors has helped her be more sensitive towards how a space can affect the wellbeing of those who inhabit it and she has embraced this fact, which comes out well in her work.

She believes that architects can influence the way a person feels and reacts to the spaces they design. One of her first projects as an architect was a Steve Madden retail store. It was featured in the popular architectural journal in the Dominican Republic, 'Arquitexto'. With this massive start, she received 3 more contracts at other retail stores as the architects and General Contractor, as a result of her work.

As she was running a successful firm she decided to get married which would result in her moving to the United States. This brought about a unique challenge as she would have to transfer education, experience and go through a grueling process to get licensed in Florida.

She had her licence for practicing as an architect in Dominican Republic given by the Architectural Board CODIA in 2011, but it wasn't of any use in the USA. She was denied the ability to be called an 'architect' in her new environment. After a lot of work and struggles, she got her education and experience verified and approved by NCARB and then she was able to take the Architect Registration Exams (ARE).

As she studied before and after work for months on end, she finally had passed her final exam. She was able to be licensed and grow within her career. It also meant she had the ability to start her own company again.

After that she became an Architect Licensing Advisor for the state of Florida and opened a Facebook group, ' Foreign Architects' in order to help other immigrant architects to achieve their licensing goals in the US.

Later, even after the birth of her first child, she did not stop pursuing her architecture career. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she established her own company Glow Architects which has grown with fast pace, with the number of clients and projects increasing each week. To date, her company has worked on various commercial and residential projects, mostly driven by word of mouth and her exceptional design.

Gloria loves and feels honored to be an 'Archimom'. She knows how to manage the balance of having a family and running a successful business. We hope that her architectural career and motherhood goals achieve the highest levels of success in the coming years.