GLOBAL GLAM: The Making of a Twenty-First Century Magazine

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GLOBAL GLAM did not want to just zero in on being fashion and beauty magazine; led by founder Christine Philip, the digital gazette brings together global events, business trends, wellness, tech trends, wealth management, and industry movers and shakers all into one place so that her audience can be informed of global intel and trends. "In a globalized world that's completely oversaturated with information, our readers want to be informed of under-the-radar secrets and exceptional experiences around the world so they can savvy ahead of time what's coming and make arrangements accordingly", said Christine Philip, CEO & Editor-in-Chief.

With an informative collection of articles and engaging headlines, Global Glam has stepped onto the scene as a modern luxury magazine within the digital magazine publishing space, providing a bevy of hacks and foresight to its readers. Global Glam also provides intel for those "new money" individuals who have suddenly amassed new wealth, by giving them advice on how to acclimate accordingly without seeming ostentatious. "The best life is to enjoy and celebrate life the fullest you can, while still attaining your privacy, a true luxury today," says Philip.

"Especially given what we've all been through the past couple years, no matter how much money you have accumulated, you cannot enjoy it unless you are healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.", says CEO Christine Philip who also makes it a point to feature health and wellness features.

While still enlightening readers to the finer things in life, Global Glam promotes relevant topics like sustainability while also promoting independent artisans and small businesses. It also notably features diversity through featuring international women who are excelling in their respective fields. In its digital presence, Global Glam adheres to democratize luxury.
Some of Global Glam's most popular articles of all time include:

"The 82 Styles of Hermès Handbags -- Better Investment Than the Stock Market?"
In this heavily clicked piece, Global Glam takes readers through renowned French fashion house Hermès' incredible range of handbags, while encouraging them to take note of the potential long-term payoff.

"The Rise of the Bitch and the Soft Boy & Man"
Global Glam sheds light in this article on how classic Hollywood stereotypes are beginning to break down, and how blockbuster films are finally doing away with antiquated gender roles.

"What It's Like to Make a Million Dollars a Month"
This popular piece gives the inside scoop on how the 1% of the 1% lives their lives, an extraordinary glimpse into lifestyle normally private to the public's eyes.

"What is the Minimum Salary to Live Comfortably in New York City?
Global Glam determine evident costs on what it is worth living in the Big Apple.

"Portofino Glam Guide - A Slice of Dolce Vita in the Italian Riviera"
As another installment of Global Glam's in-depth vacation guides, this article gives a rundown of what to do and where to go in Italy's coastal hotspot where the wealthy drop anchor.

"Where to Stay and Play in Between The Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix"
In this piece, Global Glam provides its wealth of knowledge on the hottest spots to hit on the French Riviera during the area's most glamorous season of the year.

"9 Changes to Make to Live Your Healthiest Life"
Beauty regiments and trends seem to be the height of importance, but it's easy to forget the most important aspect of the beauty routine; health and wellness.

"Licensed to Thrill - How to Travel Like 007 With These Latest Gadgets"
Continuing the look into the sophisticated Bond lifestyle, this piece dives into the latest and greatest technology out available on the market.

"Corfu Travel Glam Guide ~ A Grecian Mediterranean Oasis"
Global Glam gives the top advice staying in Kontakali Bay, what to do and see, where to play, and all the excursions available in the Greek Ionian Islands.

"Here Are Signs of Intelligence"
Global Glam assessed which traits gifted individuals seem to commonly possess -- and how readers can alter their habits to help enhance their lives.

"Mover & Shaker Shalini Vadhera Launches Global Beauty Box"
Global Glam explores international beauty expert and bestselling author Shalini Vadhera's personally curated beauty subscription boxes. The magazine even sat down with the makeup guru at Cannes to get a first-hand look at the box reveal.

In recent news, Global Glam seems to be on track transitioning into a lifestyle brand adding fashion retailer to its portfolio. Hosting a range of luxury brands from edgy Zimmerman and aqueous to timeless classics like Chanel and Dior, the magazine's commerce arm, House of Global Glam, aims to feature sought-after pieces worldwide, recently amassing a 7 figure valuation.

This article was first published on July 15, 2021