#GlazersOut movement trends on Twitter as infuriated Manchester United fans want club owners out

Manchester United

The current situation of the Manchester United Club is deteriorating day by day as a result of which a movement that was intended to show the strength of Manchester United fans in the UK has become viral on social media. #GlazersOut which turned into a movement was started by a fan account requesting people to tweet it out has become a rage on social media registering over 117k retweets within hours.

The main motto behind the movement being the fans want the present owners of Manchester United club out of the club. The fans themed the movement in green and gold which was the original colours of the club when it was still Newton Heath LYR Football Club.

The Glazers took over the club in the year 2005. From 2005 to last year end the takeover drained out around 1.5 billion pounds from the 141-year-old club. But in the last 13 years, the performance of the club has gradually deteriorated and after the retirement of Alex Ferguson, there has not been any season of major triumph for the club who slumped to a sixth spot finish in the 208-19 English Premier League. Moreover, Ed Woodward, the executive vice-chairman of Manchester United did not sanction Jose Mourinho to buy another centre-half, the result of which Mourinho faced by getting sacked.

The fans have voiced against the work of Ed Woodward too because of whom United has not been able to sign players properly according to the requirements.

Most of the tweets were about how the Glazers destroyed Manchester United and contained how they have exploited the money and not done anything. The supporters are fed up with the performance of the club as they have not qualified for the Champions League this season.

Manchester United will start their English Premier League campaign against Chelsea on August 11.