Give Up On Star Bucks Coffee, Donate Funds For Animals In Ukrainian Zoos and Eco-Parks; Chatter on Social Media

The authorities at Feldman eco-park, Kharkiv, have decided to put down the large animals in the wake of ongoing shelling by the Russian troops which have invited a sharp criticism from animal lovers. Social media is flooded with messages requesting generous donations to provide safe haven to these animals.

Some of the followers have even requested, "Please help save animals as it is less than the cost of Starbucks Coffee".

The heart-wrenching reports and photos of the Russian troops taking targets on these innocent animals at Yasnogorodka Ostrich Farm and Family eco-park situated near Kyiv is another horror story that has been unveiled in a report carried in New York Post.

Zoo animals in Ukraine

The authorities at the Zoos and Eco-parks have expressed their helplessness in feeding and keeping the animals and are repeatedly requesting for safe evacuation corridor for them.

Provide A Safe Haven to Animals

Being the fighters and survivors, the big animals have somehow survived starvation but now that the bombing has destroyed their cages making them the soft target of the war brutalities.

A Twitter user wrote, "@tarastrongSickening that the big cats in the #Ukraine Zoo might be murdered because the cages & fences used to contain them might be damaged? Isn't there a zoo in Europe or America that could save these animals?"

Another user stated, "Hated Putin before. This makes the sorrow even worse. Animals don't understand. A zoo in Kharkiv, Ukraine, is scrambling to evacuate the rest of its animals after its infrastructure was severely damaged by Russian shelling. # via @HuffPost".

"So senseless to have to put the beautiful zoo animals down. Only if the animals could magically be brought to another zoo and kept safe and nourished. Only if magical powers could prevail to save all life in the Ukraine and abolish EVIL," read a tweet.

Expressing anger, another twitter user remarked, "Just seen that zoos in Ukraine may have to put endangered species to sleep, this cannot happen. Innocent people and animals are dying there. When is the fxxkxxx West going to go in and sort this out. Pay an insider in