Giuliano Gonzalez, Breaking The Norm Within The Digital PR Space

Creating a fail-proof approach outsmarting many unconventional marketing strategies that fail because of falling short in one way or another.

Giuliano Gonzalez

Generating a continuous stream of new customers is the main focus of each and every business in today's world. The digital world was seeing a positive and progressively increasing inflow of businesses on multiple online platforms in the recent years. However, the numbers changed dramatically when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. With many business offices and stores closing because of the lockdown physical operations because of the lockdown, the internet dependence of a company's success has significantly increased for many months.

With many companies being pushed to convert their business nature into online, the online marketplace is becoming tougher by the day. To continuously generate and retain leads for repeat businesses and sales, companies need to stand out and establish a unique set of value propositions to be competitive. Unfortunately, many companies are shooting in the dark with out-of-the-box services which are leading them towards not reaping or receiving their deserved traction for their products and services. This is mostly because their marketing strategies are falling short in one way or another according to Giuliano Gonzalez.

Giuliano Gonzalez is the founder and CEO of Elite Agency Growth, a full service digital PR and marketing agency that takes brands, businesses and entrepreneurs from being unknown into being known real quick. Moving from Puerto Varas, Chile to Sydney, Australia at the age of 13 with little english and no connections, Giuliano Gonzalez tried pursuing a career as a professional football player. After taking his friend's advice to leave his athletic career and start making millions, Giuliano ventured into real estate and started jumping from one agency to another. He spent more than two years in an elite agency learning the importance of customer service, client delivery and what it takes to be the best of the best.

Giuliano Gonzalez never really saw himself as an employee. He had big goals and aspirations of being his own boss. At the age of 23, he took a break from his career and travelled abroad. On his return, he decided to start his own online business. Without money, connections or anyone to learn from, Giuliano started hosting podcasts together with his best friend Justin. They invited successful entrepreneurs and started learning tricks and tips from them. Giuliano and Justin did 50 episodes with 5,000 downloads in just 30 days. This pushed him to start building and managing podcasts for clients which was later on rebranded to Elite Agency Growth after a few more clients reached out to him to have him manage and run their digital marketing campaigns.

The best income in Giuliano's career by far was last December 2020. This sweet success didn't last long because of some wrong financial decisions he made. He quickly pivoted and came up with an infallible strategy that quickly generated him ten times more than his usual monthly income from the previous months. Now, Giuliano Gonzalez is utilizing this secret to many of his clients to also bring in success to their businesses.