Giuliano Gigliotti is a social media whiz

Giuliano Gigliotti

Social media has given an arena for expression to many tech and network-savvy people. GiulianoGigliotti is the ultimate entrepreneur who has been able to create a distinguished brand name and build multiple businesses through the power of Instagram.

Gigliotti was born and raised in Ohio. He always dreamed of achieving big things, so when he finished high school, Giuliano moved to Los Angeles by himself to try his luck. A natural-born networker, he managed to establish himself in California quickly.

For Gigliotti, pleasure, and business always go hand-in-hand. "I don't try to distinguish one from the other. I travel a lot because I truly enjoy it, and each trip is strategic. I'd go to, say, France or Mexico to meet with a brilliant entrepreneur and make sure to enjoy the trip to the fullest," he explains.

A dynamic creator, Giuliano posts many inspirational videos on social media. He wants to inspire others to believe in themselves and take a chance on what they love. "You absolutely have to invest in yourself. You come first," he says. In his videos, the entrepreneur also talks about failure as something to be welcomed and not feared. "You're bound to make mistakes. That's a given, and it's okay. The way you handle yourself, though, that's what makes all the difference between winners and losers," he elaborates.

Gigliotti believes in diversifying one's social media portfolio. He is present on many different platforms because that gives him a broader scope and allows him to reach a larger audience. He has big ideas for the future, one of which is to organize travel exhibitions. Giuliano believes in the power of travel as a motivator and a crash course into the lessons of life.

Currently, Giuliano is promoting multiple businesses and brands online. He only works with people and products that he truly believes in. Rejecting a project when its mission doesn't align with Giuliano's beliefs would not be a first for the entrepreneur.

When asked how one can find their perfect niche, Giuliano says, "When you find work that doesn't actually feel like 'work' to you, that's how you know you've found your thing!" Having found a love of networking, he explains that in social media and in real life, networking is crucial and can help aspiring entrepreneurs supercharge their businesses.

Giuliano loves that social media makes transcending boundaries seamless. "I'm not just an American entrepreneur," he says. "I'm a global business owner now, thanks to social media!"

Giuliano's biggest challenges include maintaining a consistent brand image throughout various platforms. "You are your business and your social media should represent you correctly. Sometimes, it's hard to keep up with people's demands and adjust your public image, but it's necessary," he shares.

With that said, GiulianoGigliotti likes to keep things authentic. He is known as someone who keeps it real and always puts his best foot forward while remaining true to himself and his brand. Though social media can be demanding, he manages to find a balance between appearances, perception, and reality.

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