Girls' Generations Taeyeon reveals beauty secrets to achieve flawless glow

Forbes Korea listed Girls' Generations Taeyeon in Top 40 Power Celebrities of 2016.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is the latest muse of Korean fashion magazine, Beauty+. The 27-year-old who covers the magazine's September issue is widely known for her flawless skin and boasts of radiant skin texture.

During Taeyeon's recent photo shoot with the publication, the female idol revealed her everyday beauty regime. She relayed: "I enjoy using watery creams. The texture is very light and contains a lot of medicine-like ingredients, so I put a lot over my face before I go to bed when my skin condition is poor. Then my skin becomes noticeably shiny and moisturized the next morning."

The girl group member, who has been named as Forbes Top 40 Power Korean Celebrities also talked about her go-to makeup. She disclosed: "I usually enjoy wearing light makeup since I wear fancy makeup on stage. A light and moist look for my skin, and then I fill in the emptiness in my eyebrows. Light on my lips also, and sometimes I add more with a touch of blush."