Girls' Generation's Seohyun to make solo debut soon?

Seohyun is yet to finalize her solo album release.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun is rumoured to make a solo debut soon. According to reports, the 24-year-old singer is reportedly planning to release her solo album by the end of this year.

However, a source from SM Entertainment said: "Nothing has been determined with regards to Seohyun's solo album release."

Previously, Seohyun was rumoured to make her Chinese debut this year. The singer was reportedly in talks with the production company to play a female lead in upcoming Chinese web drama.

However, SM Entertainment denied it and revealed she has not taken the final decision. The company said: "She has received a casting offer for the female lead role, and we are the in final stages of discussion. She has not been confirmed [for the drama]; there's more discussion left to do."

Meanwhile, during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Seohyun admitted she likes being in a group, than doing solo activities. She said: "You know what I like about doing activities as part of Girls' Generation? When you work alone, you have this burden to be professional; but when I'm with my unnis, my heart is at ease, and I can work enjoyably. Even if there is a difficult task, it's less hard because I'm not alone."