Girls' Generation Tiffany grounded after Rising Sun flag controversy?

Tiffany was forced to make an exit from KBS2's South Korean reality show, Sister's Slam Dunk, previously.

SM Entertainment's entire artists and crew are happily flying to Hawaii leaving behind one of their talented singers, Tiffany. As per reports the Girls' Generation member won't be accompanying fellow stars to celebrate company's 20th anniversary due of her recent Rising Sun flag controversy.

In an exclusive report posted by Sports Chosun, it was revealed that the 27-year -old singer will be giving the celebrations a miss, and is likely to invest time in thoughtful composure: "Tiffany, who recently stirred up controversy with her SNS posts regarding the rising sun flag, will not be attending SM Entertainment's 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii, " the report confirmed.

Meanwhile, the reports suggest that the young singer has already made an apology for her mistake. However, due to the societal uproar, she is been shown back door from her future career engagements. The singer has still not stopped receiving hate messages from the viewers after she mistakenly posted Rising Sun Flag emoticon on Korean Independence day.

In a recent repercussion faced, Tiffany whose real name is Stephanie Young Hwang, was forced to make an exit from KBS2's South Korean reality show, Sister's Slam Dunk. Till date Tiffany's agency has released a single statement ensuring fans for non-repetition of such instances which brings dishonor to the country. The company relayed: " On the agency's level, we will do our best to take preventative measures to ensure that this sort of incident does not occur again. We sincerely apologize for having caused many people such anxiety," the label asserted.

On her exit from the show, S.M Entertainment relayed quoted: "Her withdrawal was decided on after discussing with the show. Tiffany is deeply reflecting on her mistake of uploading a social media post with writing that included the design of the rising sun on National Liberation Day."