South Korean Girl group singer and performer Yura recently expressed her insecurities about her body parts that she feel are imperfect. The singer also raised the curtains from her body parts which she feels are imperfect and reveals what she does to reduce and remove the imperfectness.

Kim Ah-young, better known by her stage name, Yura, has certain looming insecurities about her body parts making her follow an extremely strict diet routine. The actress also revealed that their agency used to make them weigh themselves every day to keep a regular check on their health and weight so that the group members can cut down their carbohydrate intake accordingly.

Girl's Day's Yura expresses her insecurities about her imperfect body parts. Pinterest

But although now, the members of Girl's Day aren't required to follow any diet program anymore but Yura feels that her body parts are imperfect and she still follows an extremely strict diet and exercise routine to keep herself fit, healthy and in shape.

The actress has insecurities about two of her body parts: waist and arms, particularly.

"My body isn't perfect. It has a lot of flaws. My hip is high so it makes my legs look long, but at the same time, my waist is short so it looks like I don't have curves. I also have a lot of fat on my arms", Yura explained as reported by Koreaboo.