Girl's Day's Minah responds to unpleasant comments over looks: 'I know I am not pretty'

Bang Minah was last seen in drama Beautiful Gong Shim.

Girl's day Minah is not bothered about her "non-celebrity" looks anymore. The girl group member revealed that she has accepted the fact that she is not born pretty.

The singer-turned-actress opened about unpleasant comments on her looks during the round table interview of her concluding drama, Beautiful Gong Shim. The 23-year-old relayed: "I once read an online post that asked how I became a celebrity when I'm even uglier than non-celebrities. That hurt, even though I knew I didn't have a pretty face."

The actress, who played the female lead, Gong Shim, in the romantic comedy series, added that she is thankful to the drama who made her believe that being pretty is not everything. She told Allkpop: "I know I am not pretty. I used to get hurt by comments. But that pain was able to heal through Gong Shim. She encouraged me to think that it's okay not to be pretty. So I decided to be an unpretty celebrity."

Minah portrays the character of a unbefitting lass, who is always overshadowed by her beautiful sister in terms of looks and qualification. The Girl's Day member, whose real name in Bang Min-ah, further added: "I really like Song Hye Kyo, and Jun Ji Hyun sunbaenims. They are gorgeous, but when I saw the mirror I wasn't like that. I came to blame myself for it, and I didn't know why I was feeling so upset over something that wasn't my fault. But that changed after the drama. I realized that even if I am not pretty, I am who I am, and its not worth comparing and being sad. Gong Shim really encouraged me."

Beautiful Gong Shim concluded on 17 July with an incredible viewership of 15 percent.