Girl group G-Friend explains why members wanted to run away from training

The six member girl group, G-Friend debuted in 2015.

Girl group G-Friend is relishing the success of its first studio album L.O.L. The album, which was released on 11 July, is a huge hit with record sales of over 60,000 pre-ordered copies worldwide.

The six-member girl gang, which debuted in 2015, appeared on 'Kangta's Starry Night' radio programme to celebrate its debut album and the first ever music show win for the track Navillera on The Show.

When asked to share the story behind the beautiful song, the girls had a bizarre answer. The member revealed that they do not get any chance to select the track or the lyrics. She said: "The title song was chosen by the company, not us. We're given no options as of yet. We can only say our opinions about whether we like or dislike it."

Furthermore, the girls also talked about their training days, and how they felt when their debut was pushed to later date. The members relayed: " Our debut date had originally been decided on, but when that day was not too far off, we were informed that it had been postponed. We cried buckets that day."

Apparently, the girl's training days did not turn out to be a bed of roses. The member's training was, reportedly, so hard that they wished to run out from the camp. Dishing out the good old tiring training period, one of the girl gang member stated: "It was so hard that we tried to escape. We practiced until three in the morning, and it was so hard that we thought, Let's go out."

She further added: "The dance we were practicing was our first debut song, 'Glass Bead,' and we thought that we would practice it for exactly three minutes before leaving, but the lyrics of this song state, 'Do not mull over it~' so we went along with that, held one another's hands, and just left. We went to the Han River and played dodgeball. However, we were dieting, so we couldn't buy anything to eat."