Girl group EXID releases first studio album in four years

The album contains thirteen tracks with L.I.E as its title song.

Five-member girl group band EXID has finally made a grand comeback with its first studio album 'Street'. Till date, the girls have been busy releasing singles since their debut in 2012.

The band released its new, quirky album digitally and physically on June 1 at the Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The album contains thirteen tracks with L.I.E as its title song.

During the media showcase, the girls were in a jubilant mood and seemed excited to return after four years with a full fledged album.

Expressing her emotions at the unveiling event, the eldest member of the group, Solji, exhibited a hint of nervousness. She told Star Daily: "I'm more nervous now than I was when we revealed our very first song. I'm curious about how people will evaluate it."

The 27-year-old added: "It's not easy for idol groups to release full studio albums, so I'm deeply moved and nervous at being able to do so. Our song has a different feel from 'Up & Down' and 'Hot Pink,' so I'm looking forward to everyone's reactions."

With 'Up & Down' making it to the top charts in 2014, Junghwa shared: "When we made a comeback with 'Up & Down,' we had a showcase here thinking it would be our last album and we couldn't imagine the song receiving the love that it got."

"Since we hit the jackpot with 'Up & Down' here, I hope 'L.I.E' can receive just as much love," she added.