Girl Group DIA adds two new members, find out who they are

Fans foud out that the new members have a shared history with DIA.

The South Korean girl group DIA recently has added two new members into the group but the interesting fact about these two new members have worked with the group before. Jooeun and Somyi, the two new members of the group already have a shared history with DIA.

DIA ( a backronym for Do It Amazing) has announced the addition of two new members raising questions about who these people are. Jooeun and Somyi, right after their debut performance, proved their mettle by their amazing skills and left the audience shocked and bewildered by their mesmerising performance.

The die-hard fans of DIA checked out the older videos of the group and spotted a female staff working for the group on the sidelines and identified her as Jooeun. Although Jooeun was wearing the mask but the sharp-eyed fans identified her and realised that before even joining the group, the singer and performer was touring with DIA as one of their staff members.

However, Jooeun decided to take a break from the music and now she is again stealing all the limelight as a member of DIA and with her stunning performance. The group that debuted in 2015 with the album Do It Amazing, and its title track "Somehow" was formed by MBK Entertainment and is now a nine member group.