Girl group April's Hyunjoo will take a short break from work due to ill health. Currently, the K-pop girl is in the middle of her promotional tour for the group's just released album.

As per reports, Hyunjoo will not be joining group promotions until the singer feels fine. A statement released by her agency DSP Media said April has been experiencing breathing difficulties and headaches for quite some time and won't be able to appear in some future projects.

"For the time being, it will be difficult for Hyunjoo to appear on broadcasts due to her health issues. We apologize to the fans who care for Hyunjoo about the sudden news," the agency stated. DSP further added that April's health is their top priority and they don't want the singer to exert so much.

The girl band April consists of four other members including Kara Project finalist Kim Chaewon. The girls recently made a grand comeback with their mini spring album entitled 'Tinkerbell' and are on a promotional spree for the same. They will be taking part in series of music shows and fan meets lined up for the coming month.