Girl band Wassup plans grand comeback in August

The band extended a comeback fund raiser appeal to its fan earlier this month

The plea of the seven member band, Wassup, has finally been answered. The girls are all set and planning for a grand comeback in the coming months.

On June 17, the band's official agency Mafia Records stated: "Wassup is confirmed for an August comeback and are well on their way to preparing the album."

The company further added that the girl group will hit back with distinctive songs including a few tracks inspired by foreign lands. The agency said:" Currently, the title has not been decided, but we are receiving a variety of songs [for the album], even songs from overseas. Wassup are doing their best and preparing diligently. They're preparing the album with resolve like it's their last, so look forward to it".

Meanwhile, the band extended a comeback fund-raiser appeal to its fan earlier this month. The girls, who debuted in August 2013, opened a project on 'Makestar', in lieu of getting funds for the production of their newest comeback album.

The band was seeking an amount of $6,508 in the span of 58 days. As per reports, just few hours into their fund raiser sign up, the band received donations of $810 by 12 people.