Gigi Leung lands on crutches after slipping on ice block on stage at awards show

Gigi Leung steps on ice and then stumbles down on the floor.

Hong Kong actress-singer Gigi Leung is on crutches after she accidently tumbled over a piece of ice on the stage at the Beijing International festival.

The 40-year-old walked the stage to present the award at the closing ceremony and shocked everyone with her free fall.

Reportedly, the actress made her entrance on the rostrum after an ice skating performance. She did not notice the ice skating area and stepped ahead, which caused her to stumble down on the floor.

However, the host immediately went over to help her, and Leung picked herself elegantly and proceeded to present the award.

After the culmination of the ceremony, the mother of one took to Weibo to update her fans on her wellbeing.

"We had to walk to the centre of the stage to present the award, and silly me thought that meant the middle of the stage literally," Leung wrote.

"I didn't know where was a large piece of ice there, so with a few more steps I slipped and fell. My apologies for scaring everyone. Fortunately, I used to be agile and suffered just some bruises. Truly, I needed to skate, " she added.

Meanwhile, the 7 Assassins actress attended a press convention for her upcoming movie 'Summer Desire ' as a producer on Monday.

She was seen carrying a crutch as she had a wound on her knees. The actress urged everyone not to worry and that she was completely fine.

"I just bled a little. My arms and thighs would hurt a little," Leung stated, as per Lollipop.