Gigi Hadid's Chanel ramp walk gatecrasher speaks up, calls the model's behaviour 'rude'

Gigi Hadid

Just a few days ago, a woman gatecrashed Gigi Hadid's ramp walk at the Paris Fashion Week for Chanel and went unnoticed among the models as they were finishing their line-up. She was dressed from head-to-toe as a model herself in a black and white Chanel-like tweed suit and hat that confused the security guards if she's really an infiltrator or not.

However, she was then confronted by Gigi Hadid right on stage and the 24-year-old model walked her out of the ramp walk, leaving the audience split with laughter and making the security guards feel dazed and confused.

The gatecrasher has now been identified as Marie Benoliel and she had a chat with the New York Times and said that she gatecrashed the Paris Fashion Show to make people happy. ''We're talking about clothing. It has to be joyful, it has to be funny, it has to make people happy. And I think nowadays fashion doesn't make people happy. It makes people ridiculous and pretentious."

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Model Gigi Hadid presents a creation Reuters

When asked why did she choose to gatecrash Chanel specifically, she said, "of course the most prestigious brand," she added, "I wanted to get inside the show to put my little touch to say 'yeah this is important, this is art, but we can be joyful'."

If that was not enough. Maria Benoliel labelled Gigi Hadid as rude for walking up to her and said three other models came up for a fight. "She (Gigi) was rude," and said, "Then, after, there were three models that wanted to fight. I didn't understand why she was like this, so aggressive. Of course she doesn't know me. I can understand that she wanted to protect her friends."

"I think now we can be close friends (with Gigi)," the gatecrasher said. "She thought I was a crazy girl. But she's right. She's right actually."

Maria Benoliel, is a Youtuber who goes by the stage name Marie S'Infiltre, said that she borrowed a vintage Chanel suit from her mother for the prank and confused the security guards into thinking that she's a part of the ramp walk. Also, a week ago, she had gatecrashed Etam Lingerie ramp walk at the Paris Fashion Week.