Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik shared a racy naked selfie amid growing rumors of their engagement. The couple posted the picture on Instagram, which features Gigi in bed and Zayn is seen behind her. Though the two did not appear totally naked, but it appeared that they were atleast shirtless.

The U.K.'s Sun noted that Gigi's face appeared to be naked. The report mentioned: "The stunning model stripped everything back and went bare-faced in the close-up photo, while lying with Zayn on top of her."

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

The couple have been spotted together lately in a lot of places including the Paris Fashion Week. The American fashion model also appeared at the launch of her new collection with Tommy Hilfiger, but the show stealer was a piece of jewellery she was sporting.

According to the Mirror, the 21-year old model dressed casually but she also "happily flashed" the fine golden ring on her finger, which could be a gift from her beau.

The report also suggested that after the launch, the couple were spotted walking hand-in-hand to the after party that took place at La Perousse restaurant.

In other news, Gigi, who is almost nearing the top of the modelling world, recently turned into a photographer for the new Versus Versace campaign and one of her subjects were none other than her beloved, Zayn Malik.

She talked about her real passion for photography last year in an interview with W magazine, stating: "Before I started modeling, I was more into photographers."

She further added: "I studied a lot how models made pictures in the sense that you have to be a positive part of a picture and make it better. And that's what is really important for me on set. There's some people that are bad at looking at monitors and some people that are good looking at monitors. And monitors really help me because I'm able to look at a picture and see where I fit into it, see what I can add to the picture instead of just being a person that's on the page."