Gigi and Bella Hadid's Flawless Looks Take Fans by Surprise, Experts Attribute it to Multiple Plastic Surgeries

The Hadid sisters Gigi and Bella have taken the internet by storm with their flawless looks. They have stunned fans with their bee-stung lips and fox eyes. According to a report, experts have speculated that their perfect looks might be the result of multiple surgeries. However, looking at the supermodels' perfectly chiseled face and body, one cannot put it down to unnatural procedure to enhance beauty. Both the modelling sensations are known for their flawless beauty. However, two plastic surgeons speculate that much effort must have gone into the Hadid sisters' attempt to achieve this kind of perfect looks.

Their pictures often go viral on the internet, leading to their worldwide popularity. It is little surprise that the duo has made a mark in the modelling industry with their looks. It isn't easy for anyone to go under the knife to look picture-perfect. Gigi and Bella's mother had earlier quashed rumors regarding their unnatural surgeries to look good and that they wouldn't consider going through the process either. Their mother had reportedly undergone plastic surgery and suffered a lot after she got breasts implants.

While rumors died down over time, TikTok user Lila Savoia, who once went to school with the Hadid sisters, brought up the matter on social media once again. In Savoia's latest TikTok post, she shared pictures of the supermodel sisters from their high school year-book. Fans were stunned to see the difference in the photos and what Bella looks like now. Fans went gaga over the post as they are doubtful that they didn't go through any surgery.

Hadid sisters perfect looks questioned
Hadid sisters' perfect looks questioned on social media