Ghislaine Maxwell Ate Vaseline Instead of Prison Food; Claims She Was Put In a Filthy, Rat-Infested Cell

Convicted sex offender claimed that she had to eat Vaseline because the prison food was too bad to eat. The former confidante of child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein also stressed that her meals contain maggots and her cell is rat infested.

Maxwell stated that she convinced herself to believe that petroleum jelly was mayonnaise, so she shout eat that.

ghislaine maxwell
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Maxwell Convinced Herself to Believe That Petroleum Jelly Was Mayonnaise

"The food in Brooklyn was truly, truly terrible. One day I was so hungry that I ate the only thing I had — Vaseline. She imagined it was mayonnaise, she said, but it was still very disgusting," shetold The Sun.

Maxwell Was At The Notorious Metropolitan Detention Centre in New York

Maxwell noted that every time you want the bathroom, they give you two little sheets of toilet roll. "When they did feed me, I was fed the same meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was two pieces of bread, a piece of baloney, and a piece of cheese."

She stated that she is a vegetarian so she couldn't eat the baloney and the cheese had been removed from the plastic and had fingerprints on it. "I had no soap and I wasn't allowed to shower. And I had two cameras on me all the time."

Maxwell Was Shifted To A Florida Prison

Maxwell, who claims prisons are dangerous, was at the notorious Metropolitan Detention Centre in New York since July 2020.

But she was moved to a low-security jail in Florida in July this year. Currently, she is spending her life in a small cube, which is 8ft by 10.5ft in size.

Maxwell was charged with luring girls as young as 14 to be abused by her former lover, financier ­Jeffrey Epstein, and was then ­convicted last December on five counts, including trafficking a minor and sentenced to 20 years in jail, according to The Sun.

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