Getting Businesses Up and Running Suits Jay Bloom Just Fine

Jay Bloom

Some entrepreneurs love running the day-to-day operations of a business. Billionaire entrepreneur Jay Bloom is not one of them. He prefers to help a business get off the ground or transform an existing business, and then move on to the next venture. It's this zest for new opportunities that has led Jay to some very interesting endeavors.

Never Settling for the Status Quo

Jay started his career in banking, slowly gaining the trust of management and being nurtured for larger roles. Perhaps it is that early ability to move from one key position in banking to another that whetted Jay's appetite for learning and trying new things.

Launching new businesses can come in several forms. One is to branch out in an existing area; the other is to go in a completely different direction. Jay Bloom has done both. Looking for growth in adjacent markets or an entirely new market keeps ideas fresh and positivity high. While it's important not to catch oneself daydreaming about ventures without thinking through the strategy, it's okay and even necessary to think about broadening horizons as an entrepreneur.

Looking for New Opportunities

Jay might be labeled a serial entrepreneur—someone who sees one startup leading to another and another. Serial entrepreneurs often start multiple businesses at once; sometimes, though, they get one flying and then move on to the next. Jay Bloom does the latter. There are believed to be 582 million entrepreneurs in the world, according to The Hill. While most will employ similar strategies, a lot will strike out on their own paths. That includes keeping their eyes and ears open for new opportunities, not being afraid to take risks, and researching ways to generate success.

Finding Success by Helping Others

Once an entrepreneur has found success, it's important to share that experience. Jay Bloom is an entrepreneur open to lending his expertise to others and giving back to his vast network. This is what makes launching a venture and moving onto the next exciting. Not only does this involve broadening your own horizons, it means working with others to fulfill their own dreams. Networking and interaction are necessary for all entrepreneurs; for those like Jay Bloom, who find great satisfaction in delving into more than one business, working with and helping others is only natural.