Get To Your Best Level & Have Healthy Relationships With Life Coach Shaleea Venney

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Shaleea Venney

Do you want to shift your mindset and lifestyle to be the best version of yourself? This article is for you.

Shaleea Venney is motivating people globally to achieve this goal in their private lives and relationships.

About Shaleea Venney

From Long Beach, Ca, Shaleea Venney is an author, international speaker, Licensed Nurse, life/relationship coach, and podcast host.

Shaleea coaches clients towards personal empowerment and healthy relationships. She helps clients get over their insecurities and past traumas to give them the confidence boost they need to attract their very best.

Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

This visionary woman set out to change the narrative on how people heal and define healthy relationships, and through her work, she does just that.

Shaleea gives her clients measurable goals and personalized content to help transport them to their best level. As a speaker, she captivates audiences and digs deeper with relatable hard truths to steer them away from the fairy tale idea that love is easy while highlighting the reality that it is worth the effort and can be beautiful.

She combines her public speaking and writing expertise to help each client set realistic and measurable goals that enable them to be better partners and fuller humans.

"We can't be of any value to anyone else if our cup isn't full," says Shaleea.

Beating The Odds

In her success journey, Shaleea has encountered many challenges. One of the significant challenges was getting her name out there. She felt she needed to do more to reach more people. However, she did not know where to start. Shaleea also struggled with engaging her audience to listen to her words or buy her books. As difficult as that was, her biggest challenge was overcoming her mindset limitations. She realized that she was her worst critic and roadblock and corrected it. She began to show up for her goals daily through social media, and slowly but surely, she grew her audience and client list. Today, Shaleea believes that nothing can stop her from achieving her dreams. She says, "I am the only person who has the power to stop me from going after the life of my dreams."

Shaleea has disrupted the coaching space through her passion and hard work. She has learned to trust her gut and gifts. She is a real-life example of what can happen when we decide to believe in ourselves.

Take Away

Shaleea's message to everyone is to find their gift. If you discover your talents, you can find success. You need to shun fear and heed the voice that is inside you. Your success is something you already have inside you, and you need to build it up. However, the first step if you want success is to start.

"I am living proof of what happens when you get out of your way. I went from fear to reaching 10 million people and counting through my platform," says Shaleea.

Wrapping Up

"I write raw, I speak the truth, and I am here to inspire you to be your best self. No matter where you come from or what "they" say, you are somebody, and you matter. God created you on purpose. Your past doesn't define your future. It is time to have the life you deserve, but life doesn't get better until YOU do!" says Shaleea Venney.

This article was first published on October 26, 2021