Get ready for Snapchat Cameo, a deepfake-like feature to convert your images into gif videos

Chinese social media app called Zoo has rolled out a similar Deepfake-like feature inserts face of its users into famous movie clips

Deepfake is often considered a curse in the world of technology. But SnapChat is rolling out a similar feature which will force you to fall in love with it. Called Cameo, the new feature would let Snapchat users express their feelings through interesting videos using a single selfie image.

Snapchat is all set to release its new feature that would let you convert your still images into funny gif images and share them later. It would primarily help Snapchat users to deliver their present state of feeling through funny expressions.

Cameo, the beta version of the new feature has already been rolled out in select European countries. The authorities of Snapchat said that the feature is not ready to "take the stage yet," but confirmed its global release globally on a later date.

How to make your own Cameos
According to numerous users who are already using the feature, making Cameo videos is darn easy. To start with, you need to take a selfie and choose a character type according to your preferred gender. The Cameo then resides in the Bitmoji section inside the Snapchat messaging keyboard.

Here you will get a series of short videos with different expressions accompanied by funny sounds, and you need to pick the perfect one based on your mood. Once you are done, you can share it with your Snapchat fellas. A cameo will let you make gif's involving two persons using two individual selfies. You can delete the selfie, after making the video.

Snapchat First

The Cameo is a fresh new concept to impress the social media enthusiasts and will probably be embraced by SnapChat fans for its innovative appeal. However, as we have seen earlier, the feature might also get replicated by other social media platforms soon, including Facebook and Instagram. Facebook copied from SnapChat many other features, including stories.

However, Chinese social media app called Zoo has rolled out a similar Deepfake-like feature inserts the face of its users into famous movie clips. A clip made using this feature went viral recently where a Chinese guy living in the US used his face in place of Leonardo DiCaprio's famous Titanic scene.

Snapchat Cameo
Snapchat set to release cameo feature soon Jeff Higgins/Twitter
This article was first published on December 9, 2019